Real Estate

Luxury Code is a consulting Company that provides highly specialist services for Clients seeking to purchase property abroad or, more generally, to invest in international real estate.
Our Clients are: individuals, banks, construction companies/contractors, hotel groups, insurance companies, investors, leasing companies, owners of hotels, private equity funds, project developers, real estate and other investment funds. 

We manage all the planning and operational phases of your investment on your behalf. We assist you in choosing a property, provide a due diligence service, help with access to credit if needed, follow the bureaucratic procedures involved with the purchase. 

Our mission is not only  to sell real estate properties, but to develop a relation with the client based on trust. The aim is to help the client find the best investment opportunities and manage the whole investment process. We can assist you purchase a second home in Italy. We help you complete this important move simply and safely. Maximize the value of your own and your family’s assets. Luxury Code helps you building a diversified portfolio of property assets for direct use (operating assets) or as corporate investments.

Our experience and customs-specific knowledge can help you mitigate risk by developing a solid understanding of the international issues that may impact your business. We  analyze your company’s current business practices and identify opportunities and risks through:

  • Development of personal client profiles by an expert consultant
  • Definition of geographic areas and property types on the basis of identified needs (purchase for personal use, trading, asset diversification, buy to rent, property development)
  • Market analysis and opportunity searches
  • In-depth analysis and monitoring of the fundamental parameters specific to the selected markets to maximize the quality and security of investments according to national market characteristics
  • Identification and presentation of a choice of investment opportunities satisfying the needs listed in the client profile
  • A “dynamic approach to investment”, in view of possible future developments in the project and in the markets
  • Inspection  of the property with the help of a local consultant with expertise in the market who will provide you with assistance in your language
  • Negotiations
  • Consulting and management of all financial, legal and fiscal matters (according to the laws of the client’s country and those of the countries of investment, and all relevant international agreements) and the provision of all necessary documentation at the pre-contract and contract registration stages
  • Purchase of the property and/or finalisation of investment methods
  • Search for available finance, including finance from local banks and mortgage brokers